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Cover art by Michael Gambriel

A Knack for Embarrassment (paperback or ebook)

A collection of laugh-out-loud humorous short stories from author James D. Beers.

Have you ever wondered why a thrown flat rock never flies straight? Spent a long and sleepless night in a den of snorers? Did you ever blow up cuisine in the microwave and then try and hide it?

Follow the author and his family and friends in their rollicking adventures as they sled down the dreaded Sleddin’ Road, ride in a Volkswagen Rabbit that smokes more than a steam locomotive, and practice Premeditated Bear Situation Thinking while out in The Woods. Just try not to laugh as you read about the cutthroat cookie decorating contest from Christmas 2007 or as the author guinea pigs his younger brother in a game of spit wads.

Born in Idaho, raised on ice cream, and schooled in calamity and disaster, author James D. Beers writes the stories of his life from a unique and humorous perspective in A Knack for Embarrassment, his first collection of short stories.