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Latest News

Official Root Beers Reviewer Emblem!

Here it is! The Official Root Beers Reviewer emblem! I’ll soon have a list for anyone who wants to be a story reviewer to subscribe to so you can review electronic Advance Reader Copies of my stories. I’ll send them directly to your email. Anyone who signs up to be a reviewer will receive a free sticker of the emblem. In the meantime, enjoy the look of the new emblem right here in this post or on the home page slideshow.



New collection of short stories in the works!

Wahooo! A new collection of my humorous short stories is coming down the pike! Can’t wait for you to read it!

So I’ve been working on a new collection of short stories under the working title of Encounters with Wild Animals. It will be in the same vein as A Knack for Embarrassment, only it’ll include more stories. Fans of Patrick McManus, Erma Bombeck, Mark Twain, and Dave Barry will love this one. The title story is about various encounters I’ve had with wild animals over the years, including one close call with a crazed squirrel (don’t let the supposed “cuteness” fool you).



Interview with Freaking Awesome Authors!

Just had my first interview as an author with Cue Monologue at Freaking Awesome Authors (check out the interview here). It was a lot of fun! Cue is a multi-faceted guy and asked some great questions